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Who are we?

Zaluxis is an Online-Shop created and managed from an outstanding and highly-talented Graphic Designer. Since 2014 we have steadily focused on the satisfaction of ours customers and we have achieved above 17 thousand positively Feedbacks.

What do we sell?

Covers, Screen Protectors, Mobile Phone Accessories and more...

Mobile phone case much more than just an accessory.

For this reason it is very important to us, to be able to offer a broad spectrum to ours clients. Our vastly assortment of diversified line of goods, make sure that your smartphone is protected and also expresses your personality.

Phone case to every individual's taste and desire-you have the choice!

Whether cover, mobile phone case or Flip case, made of silicon, gel, hard plastic or synthetic leather, we have phone cases in a variety of manufacturing methods and for numerous phone models.

Mobile phone cover by season – be always ahead! Depending on the feeling, artistic opinion, season (winter, summer, vacation) or holidays (Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day) the mobile phone cases can be dressed in a new and impressive ways. For this we offer you a wide selection of themes. 

Customize your mobile phone cover-this is really fun!

Be your own inspiration! Get out of the crowd and create your own mobile phone cover! So easy like never before! Thanks to our modern printers, we are able to offer in excellent print quality a huge range of absolute new and attractive colors and designs.

Screen Protectors- be smart and protect your valuable Display!

In this times, when the mobile phones are always more luxurious and expensive, the protection for displays become necessary.

We provide a huge product range of screen protectors. Whether you are looking for a classic 2D flat glass or a 2.5D glass with slightly rounded edges, then you are right with us! Or do you have an edge display and do you need 3D glass or 3D foil? For us is no challenge!

Accessories around smartphones-be well equipped!

Charging cable always too short? Or battery in the car already empty?

We can allocate everything you need for your smartphone. The product range meets every need: charging cable (micro-USB, IOS, type C), power supplies, car chargers, 3 in 1 chargers, dust-proof plugs, touchscreen pens and more in a variety of attractive colors.

More than just cases and accessories for mobile phone: graphic design-absolute new world for customers.

Everyone wants to have his beautiful moments such as wedding or holiday always in the memory. We are here to help you! You can have your picture on canvas!In our shop we also offer printing services: logo and graphic design, posters, posters, art on canvas, photography and illustration, printing on various assortment of hard and soft materials, such as: aluminum composite panels, hard and soft foam sheets, Forex , Acrylic, glass, wood, plastic, silicone, leather and so on. 

Efficient and reliable customer service - we stay in contact.

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